Dental waxes

Dental waxes are polyesters of fatty acids and alcohols, hydrocarbon forming hips.

Dental waxes are constituted by natural and synthetic waxes, gums, fats, fatty acids, oils, natural and synthetic resins and pigments.

Among the natural waxes, we, the wood from beeswax, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, carnauba wax, etc.. Over 200 years which began using beeswax impressions for areas of the mouth ago.

Wax products can be classified into patterns waxes, waxes and waxes print processing.
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Dental cements

Cements are hard and brittle materials formed by mixing an oxide powder with a liquid.

When mixed with cement or primary consistency, are used to hold prepared teeth on some restorations, such as crowns of gold.

Blended with a high consistency, are used for temporary fillings, or to provide thermal insulation and support restored with other materials such as amalgam or gold teeth.

Cements or less resistant type liners are used to protect the pulp against irritants.

Other cements are used in special treatments in endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics.

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Dental waxes

Waxes are thermoplastic materials solid at room temperature , consisting of organic high molecular weight molecules .They have been used in many areas, but in Dentistry were used first as print materials , today not used that way.

Are mixtures of various waxes and other elements of thermoplastic properties, the composition determines its use .

Waxes by melting point are classified :

  • Hard waxes : deformable at room temperature.
  • Intermediate waxes : moldable at room temperature.
  • Soft waxes : mouldable at ambient pressure and temperature .

The waxes are classified according to their origin :

1 – Minerals

2 – Vegetable

3 – Insect

4 – Animals

Classification by chemical composition :

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Esters

Some also contain alcohols and free acids.

1. Mineral waxes

It is generally obtained from petroleum oils to mix with your polishing soften and improving , some with higher affinity than other oils .

Paraffin waxes : they melt between 50 ° and 70 ° , are relatively soft , during solidification and cooling, a , which is not uniform throughout the temperature range between the melting temperature and the ambient volume shrinkage occurs . Used in inlay waxes .
Microcrystalline wax : have points higher melting ranging between 60 and 91 degrees (obtained from the heavier fractions of petroleum oils ) ; modified range softening and melting of other wax ; experience less volumetric change to solidify .
Barnsdahl wax is a microcrystalline wax having a melting point between 70 and 74 and is used to increase the melting temperature range and to reduce the hardness and the fluidity of the paraffins
Montan wax : melting temperature 65 ° , are similar to microcrystalline waxes , and have high affinity with oils .
Ceresin : having molecular weight higher and higher hardness than the hydrocarbon waxes from crude oil distilled , are used to increase the melting range of the paraffins .
Montan : they are similar to plant mineral waxes , its melting temperature is between 72 ° and 92 ° , they are hard, brittle and lustrous ; mix well with other waxes and are often used as a substitute for vegetable waxes to improve the hardness and melting range of the paraffins .

2. Vegetable waxes

Carnauba waxes and uricuri : are characterized by high hardness, brittleness and high melting temperatures , the carnauba waxes have melting temperatures between 84 ° and 91 ° , those of uricuri , between 79 ° and 84 ° , both waxes increase the melting range and paraffins hardness .

Candelilla Wax : melting temperature between 68 ° and 75 ° ; harden paraffin waxes.

Japan wax and cocoa butter : waxes are not true , but are fundamentally fats. Japan wax is a strong , malleable , sticky material which melts at 51 °, can be mixed with paraffin to improve its adhesiveness and ability emulsion . Cocoa butter is brittle at room temperature , is used to protect soft tissue from dehydration .


Beeswax : melting temperature of 63-70 °, plastic and brittle at room temperature to body temperature , is used to modify the properties of the paraffins and is the main component of the sticky wax .


Spermaceti wax : is obtained from spermaceti , is not widely used in dentistry and is used for coating the dental floss .

Synthetic waxes

These are complex organic compounds of diverse chemical composition. Although chemically distinct from natural waxes , possess certain physical properties such as melting temperature or the hardness at the end of the natural waxes .

Some synthetic waxes : polyethylene waxes, of polyoxyethylene , of halogenated hydrocarbons, hydrogenated waxes, esters derived from the reaction of fatty acids and alcohols .

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Tip # 1

If you don’t have access to dental wax you can substitute paraffin, carnauba, or beeswax, but the form of the wax might make applying it to the braces more difficult.

Dental Wax for Braces

braces waxWhen you wear dental braces, you will likely develop some sore areas in your mouth. The inner cheeks, lips, and gums may feel sore where they contact the metal brackets and wires of dental braces. This is absolutely normal if you consider all these hard and sharp metals rubbing against the sensitive inner mouth tissues (mucosa). In some cases, especially in young children the pain from the mouth sores can seriously affect their appetite.

What is dental wax for braces

The solution to the problem of mouth sores from dental braces is a simple product, the dental wax for braces.
Dental wax is a special kind of wax for use in dental care that can be applied on any area of the dental braces which is causing discomfort and soreness. Orthodontic wax can help in easing pain by providing a protective barrier between the dental braces and soft tissues of the mouth. Dental wax can also help to get accustomed to your braces quicker, and to help them feel much more comfortable as well.
The most popular place where dental wax is used is on the piece of metal sticking out from the last tooth where the last brackets and end wires are located. However, you can use dental wax anywhere you feel sore because of the braces and you want to make your mouth feel more comfortable. You only need a small amount of dental wax to get relief.

How to use dental wax for braces

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To use dental wax for braces, simply take a piece and gently warm it between your thumb and finger. You can alternatively use one of the dental wax warmer devices availble in the market. When the braces wax become soft and pliable, you can stick it onto the metal ends of dental braces which cause the discomfort.
Dental wax for braces can help to prevent the development of painful canker sores and other irritations of the mouth caused by dental braces. You can find in the market a number of different dental waxes for braces, some of them are flavored for more pleasant use.

** It requires several months or even years to correct a malocclusion problem. However, dental wax for braces is a product that can help so that wearing dental braces will not become a traumatic experience.
No matter what your choice for dental braces wax, you will find that it helps you to feel much more comfortable with wearing your dental braces.

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